Forthcoming events and exhibitions

Watercolour Workshop – Inspiration
led by Björn Bernström
September, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

Mixed colours
January, 2018
Edsvik Art Gallery

Completed events and exhibitions

Spring salon 2017
April 22 – May 4, 2017
Gallery Roslagsmålarna

Vallentuna Art Fair
April 1 -2, 2017
Organized by Lions International and Vallentuna municipality
Vallentuna, Sweden

Project Picasso
February, 2017
Malaga, Spain

Mixed colours
January, 2017
Edsvik Art Gallery

Group exhibition
November, 2016
Gallery Roslagsmålarna

”Woman” – theme exhibition
February – March, 2016
Gallery Roslagsmålarna

Project Ria Formosa
Portugal, Algarve, February 2016.

“Paintings by three siblings”
October 2015.
The Svea Gallery, Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden




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