La Grenouillère by Auguste Renoir

La Grenouillére by Auguste Renoir

La Grenouillère by Auguste Renoir. Owned by The National Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

“September 1869. On the banks of the river Seine, a few miles west of Paris, Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet are standing at their easels. The scene is La Grenouillére, a resort where Parisians are having lunch, bathing or rowing. Today, Monet’s and Renoir’s paintings from La Grenouillère are considered to mark the beginning of Impressionism, one of the movements that has most radically changed the history of art – and perhaps even altered our perception of visual reality. The Impressionists valued the fleeting, momentary impression and sketchy rather than finished look.” – This text is part of the Introduction to 100 Great Paintings by Mr. Per Hedström, Director of Exhibitions at The Swedish National Gallery.

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